Saturday, 25 April 2009


Random facts of the day:

1. Decided to stop watching series so that I would have more time to study. But in the end i feel very down and wasted more time. Think i'll still watch but maybe less?

2. I so feel like driving. Esther just got a car and i drove it that day. Found that i can't drive at all. But still, i enjoy driving at the moment. I want to drive...

3. Just realised some ppl cook nasi lemak with ginger...

4. Supposed to be on diet but had a big dinner.

5. I love shopping alone. Can see whatever i want and for as long as i wish.

6. Watching anime makes me even more down. :(

7. Will get series and songs from Chinfeng. Oh not will, MUST!

8. Still have lots of studies to do but i'm blogging crap here.

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