Saturday, 26 July 2008

melon day~

it's the first time for me to have eaten so many types of melons in a day... yeah watermelon, rockmelon and honeydew (some ppl call it honeymelon)... was quite surprised though... thank you guys... dun think i can or i will ever forget this birthday =)

but better no more melons next year =)

thanks bernard, merlin, chok chok, li ying, siew ping, angeline, feng feng, terence, arie and raymonds =) yeah and siewping's flatmate... nice melons =)

and pumpkin soup for dinner this sunday(chok chok's gonna cook, i don't eat pumpkin though)... i heard u guys bought all the "gua"s u could find in countdown... and also fengfeng "ah gua"... hehe... thanks... healthy supper...

thanks firdaus, but i'm 20 now!!! not 40!!!

thanks everyone who still remembers/knows my big day, especially those in malaysia =)

and also super surprisingly, lim bao feng~

thanks again to the handsome-st from kuantan (i know u want to see this)...

but tan hui xian... sigh... she never ever remembers my birthday~ =)

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